Meet Joseph Racine, the artistic luminary from Haiti, known as "Rasin." Trained at ENARTS, Haiti's national school of arts, he's a masterful painter and a virtuoso in restoration, earning accolades from Yale School of Art and Montmorency in Quebec. Immersed in the vibrant hues of Haiti, Rasin is a mesmerizing multidisciplinary artist, captivating audiences in Haiti, the U.S., and Canada. His Mystical-Surrealist Style, inspired by accomplished artists, transcends the ordinary, inviting viewers into vibrant realms. As a guardian of art's legacy, Rasin breathes life into antiquity, his hands guided by both expertise and intuition. Step into his kaleidoscopic realm, where each brushstroke is a portal to wonder, and the colors of the soul burst forth in jubilation.

  L'Artist Statement: In the vibrant tapestry of my artistic journey, I am Joseph Racine, also known as "Rasin." A graduate of ENARTS, I dance with colors, breathing life into canvases and delicately restoring the whispers of art's past. Trained at Yale School of Art and Montmorency, my work marries the rhythmic pulse of Haiti with a Mystical-Surrealist flair. Join me in celebrating the joyous hues of the soul, where each stroke is an invitation to wonder, and the canvas is a testament to the extraordinary.

Welcome to my kaleidoscopic realm.